I have had so many adventures in the last few days that I feel I must pen them down.  The basic approach tot my short time here has been to not know what I am doing and where I am going.  This has been helped by the fact that outside of my apartment I have limited if no internet connection and therefore am travelling old school – by asking people.  I have asked security guards, someone in the ATM queue, restaurant managers, pedestrians, shopping centre staff…who is there left to ask?  Each interaction has led me to a new direction and a new adventure.

So my little adventure has been full of many firsts.

  • staying in airbnb
  • catching the train in KL (MTR)
  • wandering the streets with no map and no internet
  • exiting shopping malls with no idea where I am
  • discovering a free bus service
  • catching  the bus service from unknown locations
  • using uber
  • cancelling uber
  • negotiating taxi rides while only knowing the destination
  • swimming in an infinity pool
  • seeing flamingos
  • chatting with an Iranian hairdresser
  • using a digital room lock
  • walking around streets not knowing where I am

I have ended this day by swimming in the roof top infintity pool.

I started the day by eating a Malay  breakfast which was delivered to my door.

What will tomorrow bring?